Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gold Patch 2013 v2 by .R e y™

Gold Patch 2013 v2 by .R e y™


Compatible only with Patch Konami 1.01 and DLC 2.00

Leagues and Teams National(100% Licensed) Barclays Premier League(100% Licensed) Ligue 1(100% Licensed) LFP(100% Licensed) [New]Russian Premier League(100% Licensed) Eredivisie(100% Licensed) Serie A(100% Licensed) Serie B 22 Teams(100% Licensed) Bundesliga(100% Licensed) Brasileiro A (100% Licensed) [New]Primera Division Argentina (100% Licensed) [New]Spor Toto Turkish (100% Licensed) Other UEFA Teams + Bate Borisov (100% Licensed) Copa Libertadores(100% Licensed) [New]Added Albania NT, Sydney FC e L.A. Galaxy [New] Replaced Classic NT with Milan 1987-1996, Juventus 1994-1999, Inter 1962-2001


[New] -Exe Stand Alone -Totally Licensed(Kit, Stemmi, Leghe, Nomi etc...) -Nomi in Minuscolo [New] -Logos HD [New] -Added Nuove Faces -Zero Doppioni [New] - Applied personalized tactics to Serie A, Eredevisie, Bundesliga e Premier League -Real Champions League -Added New Scoreboards (Sky, Champions League, Libertadores) [New] -Added New Boots -New Balls -[New] Added New Gloves -Aggiunti New HD Turfs -Added New Adboards -Added New Design Manager Office Serie A -Added New Nets -Added New Gameplan -Added Controller PS3 -New Font [New] -Aggiunti Nuovi Cori -Improved Fans [New] -NoBlur



 A BIG THANK YOU GOES TO elcondor_paso THAT HAVE CREATED THE RUSSIAN PREMIER LEAGUE AND THE PRIMERA DIVISION ARGENTINA Kitserver - Juce and Jenkey Editor - Barcafan and wild@ Logo HD - ME Boots - DKHernandez, Leo Arsalan, WECN, Paul81118, Severus, QINCHAO, gcerq, Rafael Moreira Kits - Ayiep, Diavolo86, HenriikeTW, mb_force, xoxoxi, DeNit, Cuky, Tottimas Tattiche Squadre: MikeTheSlummy Other: Marekiaro17, Javier72 Chants: Secun1972 Face: el yorugua / agiga / ilhan / Teiker17 / Yury12 / Hamit_AksLn / Leirbag7 / MichalGRau / shamrik_gunners / Tunizizou / nickless / Sameh Momen / El Nino 9 / Anat-Z / Jotta17 / Jelly / 777dato777, Fanta Coreografie Stadi e Ufficio Manager - Enzo))7(( Manti Erbosi - das9125 NoBlur: Tunizizou Rotating Adboards by Hicksville and R4m130 Scoreboards: Genko06, Akn35 Gamepad PS3 - congdien91 INSTALLATION
Before installing the patch make sure you have the Konami Patch 1.01 and DLC 2:00
-Copy the KONAMI folder in My Documents, while the rest goes in the folder where you installed PES.
-Open the GoldServer, boot manager, select the new exe and then attach.
-Repeat the procedure with the config Gameplay always in the GoldServer
-Start the game from the new exe
Prima di installare la patch assicurarsi di avere la Patch Konami 1.01 e il DLC 2.00 -Copiate la cartella KONAMI in Documenti, invece il resto nella cartella dove avete installato PES. -Aprite il GoldServer, avviate manager, selezionate il nuovo exe e fate attach. -Ripetere il procedimento con il Gameplay config sempre all'interno del GoldServer -Avviare il gioco dal nuovo exe

Download Gold Patch 2013 v2 by .R e y™ :

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