Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ENZO PES 2012 - Winter Mode

ENZO PES 2012 - Winter Mode

Work is based on Jenkey stadium editor turf pack patch! (50% base layers) Also thank you goes to Abriroyesejuiii couple of his turfs are used in this patch So basically its like a lego, you can combine however you want. You are free to use those textures to make snow/dirty textures for other stadiums, use as a base for other turfs. Actually it would be cool to have snow on all stadiums, not only on those made in Ingame stadium editor. So free to cut texture and paste in other turf related projects, but please mention Jenkey, Enzo, Abriroyesejuiii in credits! Its modular by design, so you don't have to install everything if you do not want to, inside .rar archive you will find four folders: Around stadium, goes to dt08.img Master League Background snow, goes to dt09.img Training stadium, goes to dt07.img Winter turfs, goes to dt08.img

ENZO PES 2012 - Winter Mode Download Links:

Have Fun !

pes2013 demo soon !

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