Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mrgametight's US Base PES 2012 PS3 Option File

PES 2012 PS3 Option File

US Base Option File Version 1

* This option file is compatible with v1.01 YOU MUST UPDATE PES before you can use this OF!* How to transfer the option file: 1. Download the Option File 2. Unzip it (I unzip it onto my desktop using WinRAR) 3. Insert USB stick into PC 4. Make a new folder on your USB called PS3, then inside that create another folder called SAVEDATA 5. Put the OF into the SAVEDATA folder, so on your USB you will have PS3>SAVEDATA>all the folders from the OF 6. Plug USB stick into PS3 7. Go to Game-Saved Data Utility 8. Find your USB stick 9. All the kits etc should show as single files, along with an Edit Data file, and a System Data file 10. Start at the first kit, press Triangle while you are on it, a Copy option will appear 11. Copy onto your PS3 12. Repeat for all kits (this may take about 10 minutes but it is worth it) 13. Also copy the Edit Data from the OF, but NOT the System Data 14. Unplug your USB stick 15. Load up PES2010 16. Voila! The option file is finally finished here is what is in it: Includes Corrected names for all Leagues and Cups Duplicate players removed from their national team spots Players have correct names as well All Emblems and kits corrected for the nonlicensed EPL Leagues Cups and Teams have correct emblems Portugese League has correct names and Emblems and Kits Major Transfers done for the EPL Bundesliga created with emblems and kits Base copied players from the missing players thread that everyone wanted me to base copy lol NOT included As always it is not my preference to make teams. That takes entirely way too long and since this is a base option file to go on there will be no Championship teams or Extra teams NO National Team kits will be done Will not be adding stadiums in the first release. Bundesliga rosters are NOT complete or ACCURATE...I hope to do this by the weekend (appearances will not be done at all) CHANTS Here is a great website to find chants on. Neilez did an awesome job pulling these together. Many many chants for different leagues all across the globe. His instructions on how to download and use them are at this link. **CREDITS** Myself cuz im awesome Nemisiskidd for the EPL kits ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14] for the Bundesliga kits and formulas Sporting89 for the Portugese kits Neilez for his chant packs Pategato for putting together the Portugese kits he did an awesome job Anyone whom i may have forgot Download PES 2012 PS3 Option File [US version] by Mrgametight :

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