Thursday, December 25, 2008

[PS3] PES 2009 Simo6787's Option File


- ALL UEFA Champions League 2008/2009 teams, with correct rosters, emblems and starting eleven as of December.
- ALL England League 2008/2009 teams, with correct rosters, emblems and starting eleven as of December.
- ALL La Liga 2008/2009 teams, with correct rosters, emblems and starting eleven as of December.
- ALL Serie A 2008/2009 teams, with correct rosters and starting eleven as of December.
- Bayern Monaco and Werder Brema in Other leagues A; Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke 04 in Other leagues B for the Bundesliga 2008/2009 with correct rosters, emblems and starting eleven as of December.
- ALL the other teams in the game with correct rosters and starting eleven as of December.
- ALL chants for the 20 Serie A teams (+ best European Teams)
- ALL National team kits updated to 2008/2009 season (thanks to Karnia) and roster updated (correct most recent call ups)
- ALL classic players and teams unlocked and properly renamed (100%)
- Created over 150 new players
- Fixed haircuts, accessories and faces for over 200 players (fixed all Serie A, EPL and Liga one by one by SuperChry)
- Default Values



Muff (for his uniform datas)
Arsenald (for his Option File, which i used as base for mine)
itsuke (for his created players and teams)
Perp (for Rapidshare links)
Erec and the WeLab Team (for the chants)

V6.0 Full
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With the help of Karnia and SuperChry, here it is: the 6.0 Version of our Option File!

- Now Bayern and Werder are in Other Leagues A, playable in ML
- Created in Other Leagues B Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke 04
- Created some new players(Palanca Real, Mollestam Lecce,...)
- Transfer market first updates (Huntelaar at Real, Beckham at Milan, Mutarelli at Bologna, Papadopoulos at Lecce,...)
- Fixed nearly all the starting eleven of the teams of the game (Higuain starting in Real, Brighi in Roma,...)
- ALL National Team Kits updated to 2008/2009: new Russia (Adidas) and Costa Rica (Lotto) kits + every other NT kit (Thailand, Canada,...) thanks to Karnia
Now we have ALL the national kits updated
- New West Ham kit
- Fixed haircuts, accessories and faces for over 200 players: SuperChry modified one by one every Serie A, EPL and La Liga player +
Champions League teams + all the other important players in the game

Now the file has a new name: Simo6787's Option File (featuring Karnia & SuperChry)

Instructions (please read!)
-Follow link to download OF
-When downloaded on your cpu, should appear as a .zip file. (compressed data file)
-Get winrar or any unzip utility from the web (google search these)if you haventgot these already
-Go into chosen utility and Unzip downloaded file
-This should now appear as a ps3 folder, within that will be many uniform folders and a option folder
-Copy the whole ps3 folder and its sub folders, to a pc formatted usb stick
-Stick usb in playstation
-Under game menu in media bar om ps3 is a save data utility
-in this folder will be all your game saves for you games
-Delete all your existing pes edit data/kit pngs . (if you wanna keep your save cups/leagues/bal etc you can)
-at the top should say usb device (or similar)
-go into that you will see all the pes files (an edit data file, and many images of kits)
-press triangle on one and copy that to your ps3 (your main user profile on your ps3)
-repeat this for all the files
-These will now appear as they did on your usb, but now on your ps3 with all your other save games
-Load pes
-pes will create new user system data (unless you also kept your old system data which you can)
-Edit data will load automatically.....voila


ali kimg said...

how come under my saved date utility i dnt see my files or folders?
i have unzipped them.
what do u mean by "This should now appear as a ps3 folder"

Anonymous said...

were do i downlaod konami update 1.20

Anonymous said...

tht was a wicked patch cuz. tel me wen ur gonna write one for new boots. keep doin ur thing.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to create a special folder on the USB stick. I've seen other instructions that say create a folder called PS3 and another inside it called SAVEDATA

Anonymous said...

Theres no option file, I only see uniforms and a edited file.

I've tried other release, and its pretty much the same as this, no option file, cant see the file in the usb while inside SAVEDATA in the ps3.

Does this work for australian Ps3?

There was one that worked.. The one release by Barca4ever, first release for ps3 on


Anonymous said...

this is rubbish and does not work for me

Mike said...

This worked for me - I downloaded the 1.20 patch from the menu, then copied all the individual files from the download on this page. Nice work; thank you. Of course, it's the UK transfer season this month, so we'll need another update again soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got everything correct, i have copied all files to ps3, load the game, successfully load system data but when they try to load edit data it says " Cannot Load edit data, because its from a different version, Download the content and Update the data ". I got the latest PS3 Update and Konami's version 1.20. Please Help

Anonymous said...

When i went in to 'saved data utility' and then 'USB Device' there were no files, just "there is no saved data", can anyone explaine this to me

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the comments above. I've got the 1.20 patch installed and yet it won't recognise the edit file as I also got the error message "cannot load edit data as it is from an older version".

Also, to answer some of the other questions above. I also had problems with getting my PS3 to find the files but followed one of the tips here and created a folder called PS3 with a sub folder of SAVEDATA. Placing the update files in the SAVEDATA folder sorted out that problem although the Edit file is still a stumbling block. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

does this work on US version

Anonymous said...

There are no unlocked players on mine :( Everything else is fine though

James said...

I had the same problem - but once i'd performed a system update it worked fine.

To do this, load PES, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select System Settings. From there select 'Download' and follow the instructions. Once you've done this, repeat the copying of the edit data file as per above instructions and you'll be laughing!

raphael said...